MP4 Metadata


This Windows 10 Application has been taken down from the store. There currently is no active development anymore for this application.

MP4 Metadata is a Windows 10 app which you can use to update the textual metadata of your MP4 movies with information obtained from the IMDb website. Select your desired MP4 file, search for the title, review the online data and update your local metatags. If your file already contains a title (and if possible, a year), it’ll be automatically used to search IMDb and to suggest a friendly rename of the file.

Currently supported metadata fields

  • Title
  • Year
  • Genres
  • Parental Rating
  • Parental Rating Organization
  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Producers
  • Rating
  • Keywords
  • Comment (Used for a description of the movie)

Update v2.0

The UI has been improved so it fits and reorders itself in a more user-friendly way for each window width.
Search results now also show a thumbnail when available.

Update v1.2

Possibility to fill in a link to an IMDb movie-page (Example: to read the online data from.
Showing the link to the IMDb movie-page in the online data review.
Option for selecting a metatag to not be included in the update.

Planned updates

Adding functionality for updating the picture in the metadata as well.

Known issues

Perhaps not really an issue, but we know an update operation can be lengthy at times. The performance of the update is connected to the size of the file, the amount of tags to save and the performance of the used machine. We do keep on doing research on how to improve the app even more and use telemetry on the updates for this. No personal data or information about the file is saved, except for how long the update takes.


Questions, issues, remarks and requests can always be sent to

Copyright and trademark

We don’t own nor claim any of the information the app displays and uses. All information belongs to IMDb and its respective owners.

Privacy policy

No information of the user is accessed and no information of files used in the app is transmitted nor stored. The only information recorded during use is for telemetry or crash-tracking purposes and consists of:

  • The search query for a movie and the time it takes for the results to be presented;
  • The click of the update file button and the time it takes for the update to succeed;
  • The country from which the requests are made;
  • The type of device on which the application runs.
    This information is only stored for 90 days, then it gets purged.


A thank you towards David M. from Canada who informed me of a visual bug in the app, which is now fixed.